Sunday, February 13, 2011

Social Talk. Text 52

On-line boutique.
It was another holiday eve. Let's assume it's St. Valentine's Day, but it makes no difference which holiday it is. Because mess is every time pretty the same. People are fussing in any shop you'll enter. The most interesting and surprising presents will disappear at once. Then you can face the traffic problem, and finally, when you'll be too frustrated to search more, you'll find it. A perfect gift...

- Are you sure this place has good reputation? I mean, you just look at the lawn. Why it's not green?

- Ha ha. Funny joke. It is a winter mammy. And I don't care how it looks from outside, while it's great inside.

- Where did you hear about this store Diana dear? - Wendy's voice was a little bit nervous.

- It's my favorite On-line shop, you can upload your body sizes in there and then choose any item you'd like. You'll receive it and perfectly fit in it. Half of my wardrobe is from this store. - Diana said. And then added, in less convince voice. - But I've never been here before..

- Why did you stopped Diana?

- I don't know exactly, but something is wrong here. Just look at the sign. It hangs up side down. And premises in not so clean as I expected.

Diana looked around, and all that she has managed to see was four dirty walls. Shop was in the deepest point of the block, and it was dead end. Finally, she spotted something, and second later started to move back. There was chalk-painted bodies on the ground.

- Mom, I think we should get out.

- Look Diana. Shop assistants. - Wendy pointed her sharp nail to the so called shop.

There was at least five or six man in same suit with badges on their torso. And they continued to arrive. It was about dozen of them already. They were wearing this crazy smile. Looking at the customers with hunger, like bunch of zombies on the victim.

- Move. Quick. - said Wendy.

- Mom, I don't like them. Why all of them are staring at us and smiling?

- What are you looking at? Freaks. - shouted Wendy, hurrying towards dead end exit. - I'll better
pay twice more, than see this shop ever again.