Sunday, February 27, 2011

Social Talk. Text 58

In need.

- Listen Diana, - Wendy was to serious, and Diana stood still, silent, - I'm going for my new job, and I want you to make a dinner by yourself.

- But mom, you didn't tell me that you got a job.

- Yes I know that. I just wanted to be sure in it before telling about it. - Wendy paused for a moment. - Your father should be back in four month, he is working hard right now, and I don't want just sit here.

- So you didn't accept uncle Martin's job offer, and you've decided to find one by yourself. - Diana was not screaming, but her voice was a little bit higher than usual.

- Don't be angry, you perfectly know that I can't stand loud noise, so I've chosen a nice, quiet job for me. You'll never guess what is it.

- I'm so exited, - teased her Diana, - If you want you can tell me. But it will make no difference, uncle Martin will be upset because of you.

- Alright, - give up Wendy, - I'll tell you. I will be a potato. And I even got a costume. Look here. - She pulled Diana by her hand to the wardrobe.

It was huge. Diana was shocked by this so called costume. Almost two meters hight potato with black holes for nostrils and mouth.

- And what are you supposed to do in such a construction? - asked Diana.

- I'll be a salesman assistant, client attraction, advertisement and so on. - Wendy's voice now was less sure, and her daughter noticed it.

- Mom. Me and uncle Martin will clean that cabinet for you anyway. So if you like to work there, we will be glad to see you. Or you can wear this ridiculous potato suit, orange suit or you even can try a watermelon suit. I don't care.

- You don't understand, - said Wendy, - I must wear this suit, because without it, I'm nobody. You just can not be fried potato symbol in your ordinary attire, you must wear it.