Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Social Talk. Text 56

Get rid of it.

- Wake up, Diana. - said Wendy through the door. - It's time to sell some stuff.
- But mom, - she replied in a moody voice, - you said that we would start it about ten o'clock.
- I forgot to mention, that we'd need to put out all that rubbish from our basement.
- Stop. - shouted Diana at once. - It's not a rubbish, and if you want to sell stuff, not only get rid of it, you should listen to me, but not to your friend.

Wendy's face got (has) such an expression like she was about to torn in two halves. She told nothing, just left the room with same expression still on her face.

One and a half hour later, Wendy and Stephanie were carrying last items to the yard, where Diana was finishing her preparations for the weekend sale. Like placing some real old stuff in an ancient section table, or like putting tea supplies on the granny sale table. Every item had caption with short description on it and a tag. Prices were quite expensive. But it was good practice to bargain on such yard markets.

Kinda new and good looking items were tied to the real rubbish with label on it reads: Two items by fifty percent discount. For example she placed bright painted tea cup on top of the some burned brick, just in case someone would try to buy it on scales. One dollar for one kilo.

There were also few simple rules on Diana's sale. Like each customer with three or more items, will receive special gift. Or those who'll bring another buyer, will have to pay only half of the cost. And so on.

- Nice try Diana. - said Stephanie calmly. - But you'll never sell anything, or you simply won't have any profit. I can guarantee it.

Diana open her mouth to reply, but she was interrupted by a neighbor boy, who was holding some kind of lamp with an airplane model attached to it.

- Do you have any more of them? - said boy with slight shy in his voice.
- Sure we have, - answered Diana quickly. - And we also have unassembled models. Would you like to see it?

Young boy nodded.

After that neither Stephanie, nor Wendy said nothing to her, in order not to interrupt her selling combo.