Thursday, February 17, 2011

Social Talk. Text 54

Nice job.

- Can you believe it? He asked me whether I wanted higher salary or not. - Matt's voice was to loud, so even Diana sneak to listen.

- Wendy, I was speechless when he asked me if I would sign a contract. I know that we need money for our debt and for Diana's education, but those contracts are all the same. And Steve is still digging in the Siberia.

Wendy was silent, and Matt continued.

- He insisted that I had to take this contract and show it to you, he also asked if you could read it as yours.

- I'll try. - Wendy replied, taking the papers.

She browsed it for a minute or two, then her eyes have widened , and she shouted.

- Ten month. And they still asking you if you had been thinking about profit. - then she probably moved to the next line, because her eyes became like an owl has.

- Matt, I guess we should discuss it with Diana, because numbers that I saw here are impressive.

Matt nodded.

- You act exactly as I did.

- I've heard everything. - told Diana from behind the conner. - And I also understand this is a chance to improve our life.

- And finally repair a house. - Matt added cheerfully.

- But dad, will you visit us at least once in a month?

- I'll ask them if they could let me go for a day in a month. - Finished Matt.

Next day at the same time he was precisely above Paris.