Thursday, February 24, 2011

Social Talk. Text 57

Vise choice, I guess.

- You won't believe it! - shouted Stephanie, when Wendy opened a door.

- What is it? - she asked calmly.

- Listen. I woke up today, and drink a glass of vine, as usual before breakfast. And then something happened. That glass, which I just placed at the table, spoke to me, it said:

- Pour me some more my dear.

- Hah? - said Wendy with questioning notes in her voice.

- Like I said, you don't believe me. But it was just half an hour ago, And I still remember talking to it.

- And what you were talking about? - asked Wendy.

- Listen. It told me that I would need another bottle of vine for a breakfast, because he was thirsty. And guess what, I actually had an intention to buy another one. Do you understand what that means?

- That you are totally crazy. - supposed Wendy.

- No. - cried Stephanie, - I'm already know that. Don't you get it? They mixed something in that bottle. Some kind of drug, so I would became an addict, so I would buy only their stuff.

- So you don't believe that voice was real, do you? - asked Wendy carefully.

- I'm sure it was just a projection of my thoughts caused by that drug in the vine. - summed up Stephanie.

- And what will you do about it? - asked Wendy in hope for the good answer.

- Isn't it obvious? - she was irritated, but replied. - I'll never buy this stuff ever again.

- It's wonderful! - said Wendy with a great relief. - I've been dreaming for this since I met you.

- Are you kidding? - Stephanie was quite confused. - Were you really dreaming that I would change my vine preference to another company? If so, you could just ask.