Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Social Talk. Text 53

Curious case of basement boasting.

- Dad, there is some man on the phone, he's asking you. - Diana cried as loud as she could.

- I'm in the basement. And I barely hear you. - Mat's voice was echoing through the house, but Diana managed to understand where it's source was.

- Hold on a second. - She told to a man on the phone. - Dad says that he is in a basement. I'll pass him phone in a minute.

- Take your time, - unknown man said, - I'm not in hurry.

In a few seconds Diana was near the basement entrance, which was made as a hole in the storeroom's floor.

- Are you there? - she shouted into the dark passage. - There is one man on the phone, he said he wanted to talk with you. Can you take it?

- I can't at the moment, sorry. Could you ask who is it? - Mat's speech was tense and nervous.

- Hello. Dad is busy at the moment, and he asks who is calling?

- This is Kent, from his work. Can you then tell him: "We will be at the same place at nine. And here I have Stan with me. He says that he'll miss your stake, if you don't come."

Diana was little confused, but she answered as politely as she could.

- I'll try to pass words to him. - then she covered phone with her palm, and screamed into the darkness. - Dad! He asked me to pass some words to you, but could you answer him by yourself?

- Sorry Diana, I'm painting a wall here, and I'm a little bit murky.

- OK then. He said they would be at the same place at nine. And there he has Stan with him. And Stan said that he would miss your stake, if you didn't come.

- Thanks Diana. - Matt said. - Sorry for trouble, but I have one last word. Up there rules have been changed. And we can't go there any more. He'll understand.

- Are you still there? - Diana asked. - He told that rules had been changed up there. And you couldn't go there anymore. He said you would understand. And I can't stand it anymore either, so goodbye.