Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Social Talk. Text 169.

Does money change or reveal?

Winning bunch of bucks is fate,
are you ready for this mate?
Lucky charm, a rabbits foot,
hope they'll help me, I'm bankrupt.

With this chant all over mind,
I step up to lucky land.
Tickets, balls, some numbers lot,
can I beat this mess, I'm not..

Lost all fortune in a game.
Game which used to have the name.
Which has never been with me,
game - I always cannot win.

Rules apply, but game has changed -
biggest bet you've ever made,
insufficient, not enough,
making you an outcast.

Game, called life, is not the same,
playing it you bet yourself.
Bets are made, but bound to lose,
such a life not one to choose.

Will you win is up to you,
but remember simple truth,
no one wins without a loss,
even if it's tickets price at most.