Friday, February 22, 2013

Social Talk. Text 175.

Task: Worse job ever. Ad.

Man required for the job, six feet tall and funny one.
Will be doing easy work, fixing screws and drilling holes.
No excuses to be late, fees are higher every day.
One time meal included here, but on Wednesday and not free.
Team's hostile and likes no one, so you'd better be a bigger one.
Feel at ease, we fire none.. they all perished somehow.
Screws are tiny - ten inch long, drill supplied, but may be broken.
Pluses our work can give listed in the brief description here:
You work seven days a week, from nine to five and extra three.
You work here and there of course, Alabama, state NewYork,
Honolulu, and Alaska, and occasional Nebraska.
Two days off if you sick leave, or whole five is you big wheel.
Best and luckiest place to work, and nobody will say no.
The facility's superb - we have shower, even soap.
Hesitate my friend no more - calls us, we will pick you at the door.