Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Social Talk. Text 176.

Task: create CV for fictitious character - Neo, from Matrix.

Name: Thomas A Anderson aka Neo aka The One
Cell phone: Nokia 8810i
Email: deleted due to rare usage available
Photo: call me, and I'll be there for you

Areas of Expertise:
Highly trained in marshal arts and weapon systems of all sorts. Can write program code. Occasionally foresee future.

Professional background
Date (starting with the most recent), Place of employment, Position, Responsibilities

2004 - present time: unemployed due to fully fulfilled duties.
2000 - 2003: Place: Zion, Position: The chosen One, responsible for saving people of Zion from extinction and the city itself from destruction.
1999 - 2000: Place: Outside of the Matrix, Position: job shadowing on the vacancy of The chosen One, responsible of self training and saving my mentor.
prior to 1999: Place: Inside the Matrix, Position: program writer for a respectable software company. Responsible of being at work on time.

Educational background
Date (starting with the most recent), Institution, Department, Diplomas acquired

No specific date: Attended Central West Junior High and Owen Patterson High. Was involved in football and hockey.

Additional information

Achievements: Saved Zion, neutralized 241 Matrix agents.
Internships: at Nebuchadnezzar with Morpheus in charge.
Language proficiency: English, bad English, C++, Java and Latin.
Other skills: Stop bullets with raised hand or capable of avoiding them if the right moment comes. Can see Matrix developed individuals as yellow something. Can decode Matrix code. Can fly and other stuff like that.
Personality: very generous, white rabbit lover, and desperate in helping other with nothing in return.

Please do not threat this text as a reference. I love Matrix trilogy, but some "facts" were exaggerated for the sake of lesson where this text was told. Thanks.

References used:
Wiki: Neo (ru)

Wiki: Neo (eng)