Thursday, February 21, 2013

Social Talk. Text 174.

Task: Make a elevator speech from one of four storytellers.

Desperately trying to find a job, twenty three year old Steward from Idaho reinvented as old as a world approach to make first impression on possible employers, and since Internet has made lots of information available he decided to conduct a very strange research.

Collecting various info on big wheels he found himself totally consumed by the task, forgetting his core goal - to find a job. Four month have passed. Never Internet cut-off due to enormous debt was so painful to a human being, yet it helped him to actually begin with searching a job instead of digging out outstanding mysteries of those so called captains of industry.

Compiling dozens of pages of information and buying at the flee market very special, yet extra cheap gratitude gift he headed to his first accidental meeting dash interview.

How astounded he was when he has got a job, yet never talked to anyone whom he planned to. It happened so that he met Ryan from ROME on his way and had a nice little chat..

- Hi there, - a stranger said. - I see you have finest bow in history of elves versus orcs annual cosplay battle.
- It's a present for big cheese in town. - I vaguely replied, but the next strangers phrase got out of the blue.
- I guess for Freddie? - he said - He's a big fan of this particular bow, was looking it for ages. Easy way to get two of three hundred grand I must say, - and after a small pause, while I was slowly picking up my jaw, added - if you only had arrows, you might have asked for a million without hesitations.
- It seems to me that you know a lot about this Freddie and his habits.. not to tell about bow itself. - that was the only phrase I was capable of. Four month of digging though secret web pages to find scraps of information, to meet one day guy who knows it all in details.

His emotion was telling me that he wanted to tell a lot more, but instead he just asked:
- Lets make a deal. I'll look for arrows, and we split million in two precisely equal halves. What do you say?

What could I have said? I got a job that I never dreamt of.