Thursday, February 28, 2013

Social Talk. Text 177.

Task: Create five "strange" question which you'd ask interviewee. What each of them should reveal?

"On the interview " chant, by Ryan.

Would you dare to ask a man:
Where've you been on April ten? (there)
Whom fat neighbours cat reminds you? (pigeon)
Where's the candle from the night ball? (in my pocket)
When the longest day of year? (birthday)
What do flying fish do to swim? (dive)
Have you ever tried to cry? (one time)
Why all pigeons are so shy? (cause of cats)
Does your friend avoid the law? (only bends it)
Groaning mood, but whom to stall? (chase your tail)
Tiny tiny - where it grows? (in the egg)
Color's green, connection lost,
your brain starts the neuron burst.
Raw emotions, truly yours,
no one ever was so close.
To the dead end of no where,
to the deepest depths of cortex layer.
All is done, you were so brave,
you're not hired yet not failed.
You just showed that it could be -
pure mind, so young and sweet.
Days have passed, but you still smile,
every time you see - HR.