Thursday, February 14, 2013

Social Talk. Text 172.

Task: depict your company's ideal office.

My headhunting agency would need no office at all in its development though sole proprietorship into corporation, and in fact assumption of having one is flattening my extremely graceful cash flow projection line.

So I can only speculate on what could have happened, would I have an office now. Things like.. supply management issues and annual profit losses, parking lot jams and "Somebody ate my sandwich" letters, troubles finding proper receptionist and delivery transport repairment depot - would be only few of my problems to cope with, not to mention we actually suppose to search for people to hunt.

Sounds frightening I must say, and instead of depicting actual office building, I would like to tell my vision of a workspace I see myself in. As my work techniques evolve, I evolve along with then, pushing headhunting possibilities beyond its limit, setting up a new checkpoints in both local and global head market.

How my so called "office" should look like to satisfy my needs? It should be spacious, with water and food available at reasonable price, and I must have access to constantly refilling energy source - that is batteries, for my portable equipment. And I guess I know exact name for this type of office.. it is called freedom.