Saturday, February 9, 2013

Social Talk. Text 170.

Is office for an employee, or employee for an office?

Searching for a job may lead you someday to a conclusion that it's essential to have your working place arranged in the best way possible. If you're student, searching for a part time offer, or a downsized worker in need of money, probably you're not to be very picky in the matter of working place as long as it is, but once you're pro in your sphere of activities, you start to notice that your output equally depends on both, tiredness and coziness.

And while you're being tired through the day regardless of anything besides coziness, the coziness itself rely on various factors, such is: comfortable positioning, fast machinery, appealing and challenging tasks, friendly people and so forth. So there is certain correlation between comfort, which makes you fell better, and productivity, relying on the comfort level of your office.
Could it be age which makes you feel that way? I don't know, but hope it is not. I prefer to think that your creativity on work, diligence and perseverance are outcome of your inner state, that is your comfort.

So lets try to sum up the idea of comfort at work.
Employer should offer you, besides things required by law, possibility of making a carrier, supply you with tasks that are able to make your mind work, and last, but not the least, part of you should feel that being at work is just like being at home, but better.. cause you’re being paid. In fact you give your work as much, as it gives you..