Thursday, January 31, 2013

Social Talk. Text 168.

SS - Staf surveillance department presentation.

In order not to be downsized department, me, as head of it, was intrusted a task of representing what we actually do, yet not in the way presentations should be done, nor in the way things really are in our department. Presentation ought to aim only one target - to stay alive.

My team has been studying this issue for almost ten minutes, and came to a conclusion that we are not the ones to be fired due to numerous video files we possess. Would you like to see men in back room playing poker? Or chief financial officer holding a party in the headquarters every weekend?

Of course that data is to be used only as plan B, but it's better to be prepared. With all above mentioned in my mind, I started to write my actual presentation text.

Firstly I would mention how we improve quality of services our company provides by monitoring all our workers online activity in popular social networks, such as editing posts in nosebook and banning giggles in snicker. Then I'd say something about how we build inter workers relationship, and then I would gently hint about surveillance cameras all over the place.

If this doesn't work, I will go straight to the plan B. With my text finished and reread several times, I headed to the chief executive to discuss which department to abolish.