Friday, January 18, 2013

Social Talk. Text 163.

(Task: What if my business plan worked out?)

My business plan task was fulfilled with one idea in mind, we need heads, and if that presentation tend to be funny and more visual, this text is about to be as serious as it could be.

While head-hunting term could be understood differently, what it really means is how it literally being pronounced. Modern world consists of millions of companies who would give a lot to acquire smart person who is pro and can increase revenue of an enterprise. That's how hiring agencies appeared, and proved themselves to be a very viable business.

The head is the main goal of venture called hunting. Agency not just places ads and commercials with work offers, but actually huts every single men in the scope required. Good times, when companies could have chosen top dogs out of hundreds applied, are gone, and contemporary world compels us to find new ways of hiring, of actual hunting for the personnel in the city jungles.

You can hire a dozen, a hundred workers, but certain strategies had proven that a sole human could triple your company profit in a year. And my agency would have found this human, if it were founded under my meticulous supervision.

What does it show, this, so called, modern hiring policy? That me, as experienced professional, will be able to find appropriate job in the matter of days. And the most important that now it's me who picks the company, from now on and forever.