Friday, January 25, 2013

Social Talk. Text 166.

One week in the head hunting agency.

Matt's younger brother Stanley, who recently returned from his seemed to be endless mission in Bolivia, was hardly employed, constantly unsatisfied with himself type of guy, whose occasional moan would make anybody go nuts. So when his niece, Diana, offered him to try out his skills in head hunting, he willingly accepted the vacant "job shadowing" place in Ryan O Mars enterprise.

The next day he departed to his new work, and returned only in nine days time. Full of energy, ready to conquer the world and make around the globe voyage at the same time. His first phrase was: - I'm in. - and the second one - Give me something to eat. I'm starving.

After double supper he finally began to talk.

The first head was just marvellous, - he told. - A genius head whose IQ is over two hundred with knowledge of astrophysics was required in two days. We dashed through the major universities and schools for gifted, but my sudden thought helped us to do all in time. We cornered two individuals within given scope in the online game when they were cheating, and making in-game gold out of thin air.

The second task was something extraordinary. Find a head, task stated, which doesn't want to be found and seeks the truth only in reflections. I was perplexed yet thrilled, but having known nothing about this particular head just followed my team leader into depth of unknown.

His phone rang, and Stanley, giving it a tiny glance, raced to the front door. By the time he reached the pavement, black sport car stopped near him.

My family is in a bit of a shock right now, but me, Diana Longster, knows everything about that organization. Ryan is my close friend, and I believe that I entrusted my uncle in the right hands. After all it's the best job ever.