Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Social Talk. Text 167.

Speedom off reech total shock.

Writing a social talk we must use only valid grammar, but what if we didn't? Lets try to change it a bit.

We speak not must Russian here in. It's understandable, or this one.. Not should information our include personal speech.

Sounds like gibberish isn't it? That rule (of things affected by rules) applies to virtually everything, excluding, perhaps, only chaos theory. Yet some people try to implement chaos in art, in attempts to create something new using their vision - something that's now called - modern art.

Here in NewTone we're not so often allowed to free our minds completely, and that's a good way to study I must admit, but since we're having our last class of the "Freedom of speech week", lets try a bit of impromptu. Brace yourself, here it goes.

Study had about great, little would I verse, I know it be.
The badly words to lines are not, but shuffled tell about.
We've best to got it seems, in grammar's me and our study it.
Go the day insane lets not, is nuts, but lets go today.

(correct variant)
Little verse about study would be great, I know, I had it.
But the lines are shuffled badly, not to tell about words.
Grammar's best in our study, and it seems to me, we've got it.
But today is not the day, lets go nuts, lets go insane!