Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Social Talk. Text 160.

Describe pros and cons of becoming an entrepreneur.

I'm working nine to five, but my friend are all just fine.
They are bosses, not like me - mere cleaner on the street.
Roy has car-sale and scrap yard, he's best dream - is Cadillac.
Mandy, Roys young sister's geek - has her own pink / blond boutique.
And the oldest, fatty boy, has a bar with vast deploy.

They have cars, a house, flat. All they may have wanted yet.
Suddenly - a brightest flash. I'm not worse then them. Not yet.
Could it be so that my dream - "to have streets just nice and clean",
be implanted in this town, with the help of my own mind?
Would I dare to take a risk, starting "Little Ryan's clean"?

This would be the mightiest firm, holding business of new form.
Clean with robots and so on, so that people stayed at home.
No necessity at all, do the meenest job of all.
Think in future I would be.. CEO or executive.
And my old and dearest friends are allowed to be right hands.

Dreaming of the place I'll live, I forgot I need to clean.
I was fired the same day, kinda lame of me, must say.
Guess that ventures aren't for me, they are making me feel sick.
Now I'm pity I'm not geek, otherwise I could've succeeded.
Could have done it, be delighted, but instead I'm here and fractured.