Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Social Talk. Text 161.

If I were to buy a franchise, what would it be?

In my mind, there is a voice -
I need franchise, I need a choice.
To make a business of my own,
and to have moneys constant flow.

But it is hard for me to have,
a weapon business - selling planes.
And neither of the countries will,
give me the power to be king.

So is there single one for me?
A dream franchise, are you to be?
Or maybe printing money is?
I have been looking it for years.

I guess that knowledge mine is weak,
should have predicted it, I think.
Where is the one I'm craving for?
Does it stand behind the door?

Door slams open - postman's here.
There's recruitment letter sir!
I guess my dreams come to an end.
Army's waiting - that's dead end.