Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Social Talk. Text 164.

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In modern world, headhunting is quite in demand due to constant lack of highly qualified people, but in ancient times it was a little bit different way to spend time.

Potential customers / audience

Today it can be any company, or individual, who wants to get full or part time employee with required skill set. Yet back then it was a person who'd like to have a specific head or head set.


That's the most interesting part. Taking headhunting requests we try to maximize your profit, trying to deliver as many candidates data as we can, if not specified otherwise. Thus our expences can be doubled or even tripled depending on circumstances we'd encounter. As for the past usage of headhunting services - it was one silver coin per head.

Target group

Market dictates it's rules - so the one asking for a favour is our target group. You're five and want to get a lawyer to sue your kindergarten friend? We're at your service. You're ninety nine and want to find yourself a partner for the rest of your days? We're on it. There is no limits for our hunting.
Yet, as far as we aware, previously it was only elite who had a chance to be a target. I mean target group.

Your product's benefits (UPSs)

We claim that we can bring any person to your office within certain time frame, hence we have widest possible UPS - every single human falling in that category. I must add that comparing to past UPS quantity, which has been always singular, namely head, modern headhunting is a huge step forward.