Thursday, January 24, 2013

Social Talk. Text 165.

(Task: write mission statement for your imaginary enterprise)

The task of developing a mission statement for Ryan O Mars Head Hunting agency turned out to be the most difficult yet, so Diana, being a very reasonable person, and having tried everything she could, went to bed with feelings of bitter despair circling in her mind.

Subconscious is very powerful thing, - she thought - maybe it will do the compilation of the facts I know, and produce me a well crafted statement? After ten minutes of annoying tumbling in the bed, she whispered some fancy economic term and felt asleep.

Waking up at six o'clock the first thing she did was writing down that sleepy nonsense her head was still digesting in the state of morning trance. Bur when Diana returned from the shower with her cup of coffee and favorite strawberry bagel from Nick's best bakery, early note instantly caught her attention.

Grayish, pencil written, letters were jumping out from the scrap of DreamWriter sticker, trying to convey it's message, which was - "There are no indispensable people."
Thought, bright a as day, raced though her mind - I knew I can make it! It's definitely the one I've been looking for.

Screaming and yelling shouts of joy she dashed to her car in the slippers and bathrobe and in several minutes was working at her office computer with all templates of master slogan she has been developing for over a month now. But sudden allarm made her raise her head. Intuitively pulling her hand she reached round and buzzing object which turned to be her bed table alarm clock.. she woke up instantly, but the answer has been already found.