Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Social Talk. Text 118.

The one with beyond the time.

We are not lost, yet not we're found,
in the deserted vastness of surrounding.
Though we can hear each other clearly,
our tightness is decreasing firmly.

If we'd just been more wise and strong,
we wouldn't have to go from home.
To leave our lovely, precious planet,
which is about to be dead.

By filling it with filthy atoms,
we've forced the nature to react,
It split our planet core in halves,
and oxygen is running out..

Now, surfing through the space,
have made me think of time.
I know I've got a plenty,
but still I wish I wouldn't die.

The year was twenty thirty,
when it had made us run for lives.
Still can't believe we lost it,
our darling and beloved this time.

When I was scraping this on plate,
I knew my time had passed.
I died a million years ago,
but knowledge of my doom still lasts.