Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Social Talk. Text 113.

The one with electricity.

Sometimes I wonder, what could have happened, if I hadn't missed that meeting? It was an ordinary meeting with employer and it supposed to be informal. But that day everything went wrong. Having set my alarm clock to wake me up at nine, I completely forgot to specify that it had to be AM, but not PM, as used a day before that.

Of course I overslept. I thought that it had to be all my troubles for that day, but I was so wrong. Most awful day in my life had started. Searching for the phone, to reschedule my meeting, I accidentally crushed my girlfriends hamster, and cleaning the floor with from the mess done by insides of that terrible plastic toy, which I always hated, I must admit, I hooked a table leg with an elbow, which in the end made my phone fly to the pail of water I used to clean the floor.

I managed to leave home only in an hour, but horrible traffic jam made me get to a subway only in another hour. I knew what my possible employer might have felt waiting for me in the diner at the corner, but there was nothing I could have done to speed up my travel. When is was almost my stop to leave, there was another surprise for me, don't know whom to blame though, but North American power outage of 2003 was a great surprise for me back than.

Finally, when I had reached my destination point, I understood that I was one day late anyway, so there was no sense to hurry at all. Central Perk was empty and already closed.

Now sometimes I refer to this particular day as a greatest day of my life, cause I eventually joined The World Race, and become a Peace Corps member in a year because of it. I'm Stanley, it's my life, and I'm completely happy about it.