Monday, November 14, 2011

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The one with the travel.

Travelling is what we are, not only because of modern explanation of travelling like a remedy from boredom, but because every single human on earth is where he is just because our ancestors used to travel a lot. Ancient nomadic tribes were wandering north to conquer new land and to be conquered by the others. Back then it was difficult to be a traveller, but many of them roamed further and further to be the only one in the neighbourhood.

Nowadays travelling can be as easy as taking a cab. The most difficult thing to choose is where you’re heading, east or west, Japan or Peru, and it doesn’t matter by train or by plane, by ship or hitchhiking. Now you can live a house with a million dollar in your pocket and reach only nearest inn in your trip, or you can catch a car with a handful of unknown currency in your bag and find yourself in Beijing in a month. It’s only up to you, if you dare do it or not.

Although our world of endless possibilities brings us a chance to travel virtually to every corner of our tiny planet, at the time it puts us in such a leeway, that most of us stopped even dreaming about seeing Pyramids, or catching a sunrise on Caribbeans. Now we’re tightly bound by hundreds and hundreds of various strings to our job, to our house, to our surrounding, which eventually knits itself into our tiny universe, our tiny cocoon, which we’re so keen to leave, but to afraid even to move.