Sunday, November 20, 2011

Social Talk. Text 115.

The one with forest tales.

Sometimes greetings could be funny,
said old rabbit to the bunny
north pole grey fox has it tricky,
lure you, treat you like her sweetie.

But the reason she's so kind -
she wants rabbit in stir fry,
with delicious red hot sauce,
instead greeting like she was.

Old and clumsy Teddy bear,
whose great roar is in the air,
would have eaten you at once,
if you'd gotten in his arms.

Having tasty meat is bad,
only troubles go from that.
Every single creature's foe.
Aren't safe away from home.

But today I've found a friend,
he is tall and has two legs,
lots of food is in his pockets,
and his greeting is superb!

Gave me a carrot - said stay still,
took few pictures by my will.
I suppose we're friends forever,
Human, me and photo camera.