Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Social Talk. Text 109.

The one with the color.

As you know the most known symbol of each country is it's flag, but what nobody really knows that each flag has a huge history behind it's colors. Currently scientific knowledge about colors, and their impact on our psychic abilities is only an embryo of creature it would be someday, Now it can tell you only simplest things like green color - calms, and red color causes ulcer. But there is so much we don't know yet.

According to ancient legends flag of the tribe, in other words - country, must be it's guidance in search of the place that would become a motherland. Legend says that each of thirteen great tribes, before abandoning their dying home, were given a colored patch of fabric which should identify them though generations, and reunite them in the next millennium, but that knowledge was lost in the journey.
Nowadays archaeologist have found evidence confirming prehistoric origin of at least five modern flags, and recent fossils from Babylon Tower site in Iraq are about to confirm another one.

The most interesting, that if you assign a letter to each color combination on ancient flags, you may notice a strange pattern. After four years of study of this color patterns, scientists managed to decipher part of the code. It has only eleven letters in it so far, and only one distinct word - "search".