Sunday, October 23, 2011

Social Talk. Text 108.

The one with aim for whole life.

Uncle Martin's life story is quite interesting, but nobody in Longster's family seemed to know it, despite the fact that they think they know him well.

Having got a bachelors degree in chemistry, he started to think whether he wanted to study further or not. There were not so many places where he could work those days, Vietnam war had changed everything.

It was popular to serve in the army for two years, and get paid for the rest of your live. Although not many from those who signed knew that two years in Vietnam it's like twenty years as a civil. For those kids it supposed to be fun, playing a war, but Martin was not so dumb, he knew that if he had joined the army, he would have to be highly persistent in his goals, to be one day a Colonel.

That was his dream back then, but a dream is almost a foe to reality, and when he was a half way before reaching his dream, it suddenly went wrong. Being captain only a day he led his troops to a mission, then was loud boom, and he woke up in a hospital wing.

It was the end of his ambitions and his plans for military career. He expected to be given a promotion, but instead he got a shrapnel in his head. You might guess who I am, but I can insure you that I know him well, because we were in the same squad since enlisting into the army, and by the way we were in that hospital at the same time too.

Now he has a nice factory and living in a wonderful family of his nephew, but sometimes, I think, he is wondering why he was so inconsiderate about his abilities and knowledge, and wasted them in the army, instead of his own family. I guess he has the answer to that, but it will be better if you don't ask him.