Sunday, October 2, 2011

Social Talk. Text 104.

The one with lonely geek.

Loneliness itself is not what we should be afraid of, cause being lonely actually doesn't mean anything. One day you are lonely, next day you might have a dozen of friends. What we really should be afraid of, and what is more important, what we should understand is the reason of our loneliness.

If you are good at studying, you might have only one nerd friend and be completely happy about it, but it can be totally different situation if being a geek makes you unhappy. In this case, I guess, you are trying to unite two almost incompatible features in one man. You cannot be brainy and have high social activity at the same time. Of course I mean usual kind of activities like parties, movies and hiking with non geeks.

It's a real problem for highly intelligent, but not so good looking boy to find a girl he wants. Often it's not because they are on different sides of a road called life, but because the boy is looking on a wrong side. I guess it may be the problem of all unhappy people, they just don't know what they are looking for, hence they are trying to follow the path of the majority.

Such situation is not the a rare one, even though it's a little bit controversial. I mean how can you be smart and alone at the same time? Although this is world we living in, and to be happy you must be not only smart, but try to be a wise person as well.