Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Social Talk. Text 106.

The one with letter from Stanley.

... (in the end of the letter)

Having thought about my future occupation made me think of money like of something irrelevant, and I'll try to explain why.

I was aiming Peace Corps since I was ten, after I first saw it on TV. I knew that I would need not only my will, but also a hefty bag of diverse knowledge to be in it. Having this in mind, I enrolled every evening class I could find, and since my mother was divorced, and my bigger brother Matt just entered University, my classes were supposed to be free of charge.

In four years I've managed to finish nineteen classes, such as hiking in Tundra, bandaging for newbie, first aid without first aid kit, especially hard one - making fire under rain, and a dozen of others. Now I know, that without them I would quit my post less than in a year, but, to be honest, now I know a better way of helping people.

A young man from headquarters, name Ashton, visited our camp in Peru last week. I recognised him at once, cause I saw him in the hall of some large corporation, which we were asking for donation. An expensive suit, a leather suitcase, a golden watch, all this was gone now, but what he got instead, is just a odd smirk of a guy who thinks he knows what he's doing. He quit his job, and thinks he did a noble thing. I wish he still had it, maybe he could have helped us get a donation. My dreams never come true, at least I've got what I wanted. Wish me luck.

Your brother Stanley.

P.S. Can you send me some cheese. Haven't eaten it for ages.