Friday, October 21, 2011

Social Talk. Text 107.

The one with arguing.

Finding a way out in arguing could be hard if your opponent is your relative. Especially if it's your spouse. Having started a quarrel with spouse you doom yourself to a long and severe dialogue, because you really know each other, therefore can use a bunch of arguments that no one else knows. Not to have such situation, you must choose proper words and know exactly how to act. That's why I bring you a list of recommendations based on my own experience.

Diana's problem solving list. Short version.

Around nineteen years ago my parents were arguing whether to break up or not, and suddenly they come up with idea of having a baby. In other words - me. I know it sounds weird, but I never wanted them to change their mind that day.

Another good example happened when I was five. Parents were unable to decide which school I should enlist. It was a huge argue, but when it seemed to have been impossible to stop them, my mother said that she loved us too much to continue arguing, and she proposed my father to choose a school instead. In the end they were asking me which one I liked the most, and completely forgot to argue.

Last big quarrel I remember, was about Stephanie's drinking habit. Finally dad got used to avoid her by staging huge battles with uncle Martin's soldiers, in the garage.

Of course there were some minor quarrels after that, but I never heard them yelling ever again, and I guess the reason we became a real family, is that we wanted to be one, we never stoped loving each other.