Friday, October 14, 2011

Social Talk. Text 105.

The one with bald date.

Have you ever had a blind date? Probably you would say no, cause blind dating is a tricky thing, and most of the people avoid it because of obscurity it has. I guess you have to know at least something about person you'll be dating, or you can find yourself in a situation, when you would want to be strolling alone, instead of having such date.

If having a blind date, taught you a lesson, you might try to use modern technologies, in another word social network, to meet your sole mate. Those, who used to live in social networks, upload hundreds of photos each month, hence to know this person like his friends do, you are not even obliged to be introduced.

The above mentioned is good only for breaking eye contact, but if you want to find yourself a partner, you must see each other in person. Without it you'd never know that he is bald because of allergy on human hair, or that she is taller than you by a head. What would you do in such situation? I guess you'd just pretend asking time, and then run away.

There are plenty of ways to meet a person you want, but to make such meeting successful, you should be not only confident, but you also must be yourself. You'll succeed only if you take off any mask you used to wear.