Friday, September 30, 2011

Social Talk. Text 103.

The one with music.

All of them are the same. They have proposed me limousines, corsages and even champagne, which is interesting, but their lines have no difference, besides the name. Boys can be so boring. Why Eric had to use exact words that Lori said yesterday? It made his proposal bleak and meaningful just like Lori himself, even though Eric is cute. I guess if no ask follows with at least different lines, I won't go at all. Who wants to spend a prom with bad made replica of a prince on white horse?


I have thought that previous proposals were bad, but another three calls in two hours made me change my mind. I even can't imagine what the last one was hoping for, having dialed my number. I guess now he wishes that I would forget his name and how he looks. I bet it wouldn't be hard.

When phone rang again, I thought that such conversations even might be funny, if I hadn't tried to be serious, so I decided to try this.

- Hello.

- Hi, it's Charlie. I just wanted to ask you. Would you go to the prom with me? But I must warn you to wear comfortable shoes. Five block it's not big a deal, but anyway kicks will kill you.

- Are you going to go there? Aren't you supposed to book a limo?

- I don't really like limo, but we can take bus number sixty two. It will drop us right next to the venue.

- I don't really like proms Charles. I'd better stay at home.

- Come on Di. You know what, I will even let you listen my iPod.

(P.S. Charles is a friend of Diana from Social Talk 17. They used to work on uncle Martin's factory. And sometimes they were listening the music, sharing headphones from a single iPod that Diana had.)