Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Social Talk. Text 95.

The one with hair problem.

Last thing I remember was a bright light, engulfing me, then I collapsed. Strange, squeak sound woke me up. I was sitting in a chair, in a vast, dim lit room. After my eyes have adapted a little to the brightness level, I've understood that there is a human like creature in front of me.

It, or probably he, was 7 feet height, and his appearance was rather awkward, but not frightening at all. While he was approaching me I managed to take a closer look. His skin has captured my attention with it's pure white color and with no sing of any kind of hair on it.

His soft, jelly like, chubby hands and legs were inch by inch moving him towards me. And in a minute I already could see his his huge round face with petite beady eyes. There were no eyebrows whatsoever. But what has shocked me, that neither creatures lopsided nose, nor his smiling mouth, that I have seen from the distance, were there. I understood that it must have been flickering light reflection, but nothing else. Cold sweat has covered me in a matter of a seconds.

But then lights were turned on, and I was astonished by what I saw. Instead of narrowing, his eyes widened, revealing one by one three different irises, violet, navy blue and light green, followed by a raven black pupil. What was funny, is that this strange, unhuman, layered iris structure hasn't been strictly connected with pupil, they were moving separately. Freaky.

Next moment creatures silk white skin became translucent. I gasped. Behind skin surface, behind some floating colored spots and dots, I could clearly see a face. Smiling face of a receding man.