Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Social Talk. Text 99.

The one with child development.

Having chosen your future child traits, you would probably wonder, what should you do to make that huge list became real?

That's obvious, you might think at first, all you need is just couple of sport or dance sections, and it'll be done. But what will happen when you face a fact that your child wants to be a tailor, for example, if you are a plummer in fifteenth generation?

I guess you will be shocked at your own reactions. Such as: "you will do what I said", "this is not for boys", or even "you will quit it immediately". Often we're selfish in such descisions, cause when we picked something for our child, we think it'll be the best thing to learn, and we'll never drop that line. Even despite constant argues and quarrels. Most vise thing to do for a child in such situation - is to obey parents will, and learn how to play this ridiculously large violin.

But if you are not sure what will be more suitable for your kid, it's probably better not to act at all. And if you heir is interested in some kind of activity, someday your son will say that he is singed into theater section in his school, or your daughter will ask money for the new drawing equipment for her painting section. But what is more important, it will be child's own choice, and if it doesn't make the job, at least it might be used as a good life experience of making right decisions.

Previously depicted options are not mandatory, and even more, they are not as good as the last one left. Be a friend to your child. Knowing and understanding younger generation needs might be difficult, but only to those who belong to strict or not confident parents. If you are a friend with your kid, you will know his needs, or her requests, and when it comes to a decision dance or culinary classes, you won't have any doubts.