Friday, September 16, 2011

Social Talk. Text 100.

Social Talk. Number one hundred.

Having written previous social talks gave me a lot of experience in both writing it quick and writing it properly. At the NewTone we're constantly increasing our skills not only by learning English grammar, but also by using no Russian language at all. And this means that we're talking a lot at our two hour classes, which leaves you a little room for your future social talk. But such situation has two contraries in it.

If we hadn't talked about our current unit topic a lot enough, we wouldn't have learned it properly, but when we had, we might have got a social talk that looked like a reflection of our previous lesson. Which is no so bad, cause we've been using learned grammar and words. But still, having written social talk with nothing but what we were discussing, made me understand that it could have been better.

Then our third week in NewTone had started and I invented the easiest way to avoid such annoyance of mine. Having faced another social story task, forced me to invent whole new way of writing them. In that day Longsters family had been born. It has been truly long story that helped me through all my talks. I've got a family that could survive almost everything, diseases and parting, hurricanes and fires, traveling to another countries and so on.

But there was one tiny issue. Having got so diverse life from me, they also have got quite unmanageable main storyline. And it became just like in any kind of a story, main character would have exploded, if it had been a real human.

Thats why now it's not more than previous social talks, and I guess I have to adjust my writing, in order no to be annoyed by it. Cause writing social talks is fun that I cannot miss.