Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Social Talk. Text 96.

The one with happiness.

Making somebody happy is a hard, but yet possible task. Cause despite being selfish we're bound to be surrounded by others. If you try to avoid meeting people, you will understand how miserable you can be without them, or it might be beyond your level of comprehension. It depends.

What is interesting, usually we can tell what we would like happening to make our day. But what could have made it yesterday? What would your answer be, if you were asked it now? What could have made your day?

Sofie. Twenty one. - He had denied loving me when I asked him, but I know he does. I just wish he had guts to tell me.
Evan. Eleven. - Dad promised me spending whole day with him, but he was at work till dark. Wish he was fired.
Trevor. Ninety six. - I was eager about kissing Dora, but she doesn't quit smoking, so I just hugged her instead. I wish she had given up smoking.
July. - Day seemed to be alright. Everybody had social talk, remembered all the words, and even managed answering all the questions without hesitation. I wish every day were like yesterday.
Simon. Nine. - I wish I avoided that big woman in the pool, because enjoying underwater swimming, I closed my eyes.
Ben. One year old. - I liked mommy smiling at me. Let she does it again, or I could start crying accidentally.

As you can see there are plenty of things to be happy with, and I'm sure there is always one special that can make you happy in any day.