Sunday, September 11, 2011

Social Talk. Text 97.

The one with features.

Modern society is all about money. It can tell us that it's not true, but it is.

Because when we talk about green, environment friendly development, it means we need to spend billions of dollars to decrease CO2 emission. But at the same time we will have doubled CO2 emission because of new factories that trying to build new, more efficient and greener hardware. And it's just top of an iceberg. People are easily manipulated, and the weaker they are, the easily it can be done.

That's why feature number one for modern people is to be strong. Not with strength, but with will. You must have your own opinion, and you must use it. And when I say own, it means truly yours. Taking others opinion as your own is pointless, it makes your almost a slave. Developing, or better to say, finding your own opinion is not so hard, but it leads us to it's base - decisions.

Even a sheer decision of buying a yogurt requires some understanding from you. When does it expire, for example. But what about long term perspective? What if you find yourself faced buying a flat? Or just selecting right faculty before entering university. Or simple deciding whether to start going out with somebody or not. In fact any kind of taken responsibility implies thinking of it.

That's why thinking, I guess, is second most valuable feature that modern people must have. People that blindly follow others are useless to the society. Modern youth should have at least those two traits, in order to be appreciated by others and first of all be content with itself.

There are a lot of other good qualities, such as generosity, honesty, bravery and others, but they are not must, they will be, if you have both thinking ability, and strength to use your brain as your guide.