Sunday, September 11, 2011

Social Talk. Text 98.

The one with child’s traits.

Talking of a future child traits, we usually trying to describe ourselves, but with little tan of perfection. Which is good, but has nothing to do with reality. Because child, that had been grown in such way, gets not only oneself's inevitable flows, but also parental flows and mistakes they had been collecting for all their lives.

A reckless father will never bring up considerate and thoughtful son, unless he has enough courage to isolate child from his recklessness. And a candid and honest mother probably wouldn't have arrogant and boastful daughter.

With this in mind, I guess children must be obedient till certain age. But then parents should prepare them for living the nest, cause it's crucial for young person that wants to became an adult someday. That's why child must first of all be self-sufficient, and independent in ones decisions, since some so called adults keep calling parents in any kind of a problem or obstacle they have faced.

As you know, generous people are happier and healthier then their greedy fellows, that's why you should teach your future child how to be benevolent and liberal(free from superstitions) person, whos friends and family can always rely on. And you certainly will be in need for some help when you aer in your mid eighties.

But in spite of having all those soft features, you want your child to be strong in order to be ready for real life, and that's why usually people forget about the most important, about their child’s choices. Cause raising a child we never actually accepting a fact that teenager who had occupied one of your rooms is mature enough. Parents will never think their child is anything besides just a child.