Friday, November 4, 2011

Social Talk. Text 110.

The one with a story of election.

If I were a president I would be heedless ruler. I mean I wouldn't spread such information among the citizens, but I definitely would be useless for them as a governor. Driving a lorry truck is all I can do well enough to be paid for, and I don't understand what in the name of gods must have happened that you're asking me to be your president. My answer is no. I decline such proposal.

Thank you Andy. To all our viewers who just joined - this was Andy. The second competitor in currently running elections, and you've heard him. He doesn't want to have such responsibility.

The next competitor picked by computer would be Bob Noname form Baltimore, Maryland. What would be your answer Bob. What would you do if your were a president.

Hello, my name is Bob and I'm a plummer. Running the country could be interesting, I suppose. I have few ideas for Health care improvement, and at lest five things to change in our foreign policy. So I guess I will agree to take such post if there is no one better than me till the end of election.

Thank you Bob. To all our viewers who just joined - this was Bob. The third and the last candidate for today. We'll return tomorrow, for the next round of presidential campaign 2081, and the question for tomorrow three candidates will be - "How would you spend one billion dollars being a president."