Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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The one with the long sentence.

Having bought a new device, you expect it to be flawless in every possible and impossible embodiment, but stubborn thing rejects your attempts of controlling it, thus making you regret buying it despite the fact you wanted to posses this particular device, which you consider, was the best solution of problems you've got recently, and making you angrier (at the same time) it makes you less confident in yourself due to the felling of regret itself, and continuing to reprove yourself for wrong purchase eventually might make you fell depressed, which is not surprise, considering what a pathetic person you should have been, if you'd agreed to buy this useless, not to say bad words, item, and it's needles to say that your current state is way worse than it was before, but on the other hand, it just could be a voice of regret speaking to you, spreading itself like a decease though your mind, making it numb and unreasonably inconsiderate about mere fact that you can refund your buy, and a thought of refunding makes you feel strong again, makes you understand that is you, whos control this device should have been afraid of before persisting your will, and that's why you'll refund it today, to be happy, or at least to increase you happiness by a fraction instead of ruining whole day, whole week, whole life, and I guess best solution for the future would be always to think twice before acting.