Friday, December 2, 2011

Social Talk. Text 119.

The one with a way to be free.

Being an abstract fact and almost an illusion, freedom itself cannot be reached by so primitive creatures as we are, because of one mere fact, if it were possible, we would have got it by now, and there must have been some kind of institution with knowledge of how to be free, or, in case you're not, how to become one in a reasonable amount of time.

I guess you could have heard that being somebody else, besides ordinary human, you might have got a freedom you were so keen to get, but on the other hand, what you will get, will be a total and complete rearranging of your principles and life.

What actually would get you freedom nowadays, if you had wanted it so much, is strictly banned in every kind of society, therefore it's impossible, in my opinion of course, to be completely free, living in this world.

Our own mind is extremely powerful tool which, as you could have guessed, will crack, once being freed. You could imagine an atom, which ought to be a good source of energy in controlled environment, but at the time, the exact second you give complete freedom to it, you will see only demolition..