Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Social Talk. Text 120.

The one with trains.

(~200 years ago)
..sitting in a moving train,
looking through it's windows glass
on a deep green valley's waving grass.
I am thinking could we've lost,
our future brightest gloss,
by inventing those machines,
which are powered by steam.

In the years - nothing had changed,
we still traveling by train,
but the thing is - we are not
looking through the glass a lot.
Every person has it's own,
windows in computer phone,
which we're using not to watch,
something that sould have some worth,
but to hide our own small soul,
from the people, from unknown.

(~200 years after)
In the future we'll be like
certain mix from now and past.
Will be riding same steam trains,
but in space and not in vane
Now we trying to find out,
what it will be then, with ours,
precious soul that keen to travel,
keen to live and to enjoy.
Will we live in here forever,
or we're doomed to be destroyed?