Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Social Talk. Text 123.

The one with the bleak life.

Have you ever been on a deserted road? If you had been, than you must have remembered those tremendous moments, when after climbing on a lonesome hill, which is standing in your way, you see it, great and mighty snake like road which has no end to find. There are some barely noticeable hills in the distance, and a tiny dot in a place where it's body bends over the skyline.

Have you ever had that special felling, that occurs only when knowing, that you are a sole person in any side back and forth till horizon, makes your sole feel totally free? Such emotion is a once in a lifetime experience, and I hope that you had memorized it well, cause who knows when, if ever, you might have such possibility again.

My final question will be simpler, yet harder to answer. Have you ever tried to find such road? Will you search it? To be completely free from everything at least for a moment. But before answering, I want you to think what could happen to you after that glorious moment. Would your life be the same after passing such emotional peak? Wouldn't it be bleak after that?