Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Social Talk. Text 131.

(task: Is everybody suppose to be happy?)

In search of happiness.

Though happiness is an abstract and highly personal feeling, it can be depicted with just couple of words to have virtually the same meaning for the majority. Such words as joy and relief, safety and prosperity will determine the most of it, but having got all those feeling in one person in particular moment of time, he is starting to feel insufficiency of the rest which forms his own happiness. And that is where the problem origin is. Because once we have understood that we need more, we cannot just cherish a hope to be happy anymore. And what is weird, despite people have so much in common, we start to fight for our own dream, seeing nothing on our way. And when we're there, at our happinesses doorstep, we may find that we had picked it wrong. We're still in search, but those who were on the way will never come back, making our happiness less possible to find.