Thursday, September 30, 2010

Social Talk. Text 4. Ver 1.2

Тема: Мечты. Я закрываю глаза, и вижу..

Dreams. My real fiction story.

Yesterday I could not sleep. I was laying in the bed for few hours, wondering. Can I dream in dreams?

Most people like to dream when they awake. It's very easy. You just need to close you eyes, and there you are: drinking ice cold mojito in your own paradise. But little noise can ruin everything.

Thats why real sleep can offer a lot more to you. No one can easily stop you from dreaming. Also it's more realistic, and therefore more fun and more dangerous. There is one trick to change your sleep dreams to way you want. You just need to tune yourself for right dreams. And since I still could not sleep, there is nothing I have left, but to try it.

It was really easy to start thinking about what I want. It's not necessary to close your eyes, but i did, and world around me have changed in one moment. I was staying on top of the skyscraper, observing large city underneath it. But suddenly I started to fall. And next second I found myself laying on the floor near my bed. Most likely fell off. My heart beat was insane, and sweat was all over my face. To tell the truth that dream was awful, and complete opposite to what i wanted. For sure it was fail. I guess next time I'll be dreaming awake.