Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Social Talk. Text 3

Первый сошал ток с конкретной темой. Даже не знаю что лучше. С темой или без..

First of all, there are two kinds of family. First starts with your birth and goes till your adult. It's pretty the same for all of us. You just live with your parents most of the time. But we will not talk about it cause todays topic is little bit different. What we are looking for is second kind, witch starts with your own decision. Decision to be a parent.

I expect that such kind of choice is new to you, or otherwise following won't make any difference.

Reaching ideal family state isn't so complicated as you could think at first glance. Main rule is fifty miles away. It must be applied not only to her relatives but to yours too. Just don't use it neither for your friends nor beloved. Feelings such love or friendship can't be stretched for a long time. There are some minors rules too, like: all of your in-laws must have no trouble with law. But for sure in top of all is love. Without love you can't have an ideal family, you just can try to live with someone.