Thursday, September 23, 2010

Social Talk. Text 1

Это первое "домашнее задание" в New Tone. Темы нет, но желательно использовать побольше отрицаний. Кажется мне это не удалось.

Modern world can give you lots of various time killers. It can be healthy, like strolling, or funny, like new TV series. But this is obsolete ways. Real progress came since PC was widely spread, and especially world wide web, or simply internet. Nowadays every pupil has his own account in some social network like facebook or twitter, and know how to play computer games. But none of this can challenge most ancient time killer. It is a sleep. There is no such video game or TV show, that can cheer you up after hard working day. And even strolling can't save you from fell asleep.
So little tip. Get enough sleep, and you will be able insert much more negations than me.