Sunday, September 26, 2010

Social Talk. Text 2

Задание без темы. Вот что из этого получилось.

Social talk - manual for beginners.

What will we need.
1. two big cups, filled with words.
2. six spoon of grammar.
3. half kilo of imagination. Or you can just use one spoon of Internet.
4. one or two pieces of fun.

Time to complete - five to ten minutes.

Take a blank sheet of paper and put it right next to you. Take a deep breath and shake out the words. Try to dispose it evenly, to fill all white spaces. Next add all imagination you have, words will immediately appear almost cooked. Next add grammar. Do it with no hurry, pinch by pinch. Next go the fun part. If you have fresh fun, squeeze it in deep cup, and then sprinkle all over you text. But if you don't, just find notable place for those pieces.

That's all, you social talk is ready. But it will be better taste preheated.

Картинка прилагается.