Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Social Talk. Text 202.

Task: industrial design. Is it works for both? Client and manufacturer?

Industrial design, as a part of product development process, is unique and sought after approach of improving product or service viability and customers satisfaction aimed at only one long term perspective - making money.

Your product may be innovative and capture its audience right away, but without proper industrial design it will start to lose the market value within the bat of an eye. On the contrary, it may be crappy idea, with nothing new in it, beside the colouring and.. and that's all, but thank to industrial designers in may find a way into your pockets.

In our digital world we have made industrial design the pinnacle of any company. But so called leaders of industry drag us to the future with the help of the same old carrot. Showing us this state of the art vegetable in different shapes and from different angles, making us believe that here it is, the missed puzzle, the core to your salvation, here you go - a little essence you were desperately trying to find for the whole life.. take it.. just nine, ninety nine.

Would you still believe that industrial design works for the mutual benefits of both - manufacturer and a client if you were said so? You have the answer.. just say it.