Friday, March 4, 2011

Social Talk. Text 60


Letter from Matt was unexpected surprise for his wife and daughter. They were exited and confused at the same time, they even could not moved. Just stayed beside mail box, reading.

Hello family! Sorry that I still didn't come, but I have to much work here. And if I was just a driver at the beginning, now I'm a little boss here. I have almost forty hands in my team. And it means not only big responsibility but great money also.

But what I meant to say, that I was on a Russian wedding. It was unbelievable. Two hundred people were invited, but i guess some brought friends with them, because it was massive. Bride was in a classic white wedding dress, but groom was in an awful crimson suit. Then began something barely understandable.

All people just gathered, when four buses arrived and took one half of them in one direction, and the other in opposite direction. They left me to watch over the drinks, and I watched them well.

In about an hour bride groom had returned, shouting: where is my bride? Do you saw her? Just after he passed, bride and a best man appeared, laughing. I don't quite understand why bride must be hidden, but they told that it's a tradition.

After that it was a reception, I guess. Can't remember it clearly to be honest. But it was fun, I guess.

That was truly a Russian wedding. And I didn't mention the rest of my life on purpose. Because I booked two tickets for you to Siberia.